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By Assessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Unique Career Advisor if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this website. The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, and Disclaimer

Unique Career Advisor is an Authorised Consultant from Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh only and we have authorizations to promote all private medical colleges of Bangladesh in India through Online Videos, and social media platforms with the latest information regarding fees. Eligibility, Admission Procedure, Unique Career Advisor is working in this field for the last 7 years. Tanveer Mir is the Managing Director of Unique Career Advisor, Address House, No. 154 Gujjar Nagar, Near Deputy Commissioner office, Jammu Pin-code No. 180001, Our Authorizations are uploaded on this website in the link of Our Authorizations and we are authorized from more than 30 Private Medical Colleges from Bangladesh only, and we are working directly with all the colleges legally, But Unique Career Advisor is not authorized from any Government Medical Colleges of Bangladesh, even no consultants have permission to work with Government Medical Colleges of Bangladesh as a Consultant in India. The Unique Career Advisor shall guide Students/Parents for Saarq Quota only like Eligibility Criteria, Admission Procedure, Visa, and Documents Attestation. The Bangladesh Government Provides 22 seats for Indian Students for free of cost on their merit base of 97% above Students shall apply for MBBS course in Government Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, if any student applying for MBBS course in Bangladesh in Government Medical Colleges on behalf of our Advice the Students, and their Parents are to be responsible for all if the students do not get the name on merit list/Got Name in the list but he/she does not want to study in Bangladesh in case of issue students/parents shall be responsible for all their expenses spend during applying in Government Medical Colleges, Unique Career Advisor have no role in Government Medical Colleges of Bangladesh.

Service Charge For Private College

For MBBS Course in Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, you have to pay us a maximum of Rupees 20,000 (Twenty Thousand Rupees only) as service charges, and the minimum charges depend on Unique Career Advisor.

Service Charge For Government College

For Advice on MBBS Course in Government Medical Colleges in Bangladesh Charges are not fixed even no consultants have the permission to take the charges from students, it depends on students/parents if we guide you properly you can pay us according to your wish, and students/parents are responsible to this.

Cancelation Admission

If any Students applied for MBBS Course in any Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh through Unique Career Advisor, in this case students/parents are responsible for this: If you applied for MBBS Course in any Medical Colleges in Bangladesh and paid your first-year fee to direct college account, and then you want to cancel your admission without any real cause/ you done admission through Unique Career Advisor and then you hired third party consultants for Admission Advice/your payment/seat booking money shall be forbidden as the College written on your admission provisional letter, in that case, students/parents are responsible for this but as a mutual understanding, and you have real cause to cancel your admission you need to Contact Unique Career Advisor to follow that case and Unique Career Advisor will request to Medical College to return your fee it depends on College. But you have to pay Unique Career Advisor 50,000 Rs as our service charge.  

Students/Parents have to pay all expenses

Students/Parents have to bear all expenses to get MBBS admission in Bangladesh as written on their admission Provisional Letter Like College Tuition Fee, Hostel, Food, Transport, Clinical, university, BMDC, Embassy fees, and other charges like Visa, Documents Attestation, Air-tickets Etc.

Copyright Offence?

Subject to copyright All Pictures/Videos/ it is own created property in high resolution on the Unique Career Advisor Website this is only for personal use, no person has permission to copyright our Images/videos, especially for Muslim female images to upload on your websites we have a subscription of all the images by Freepik If any person did such a thing he/she has to pay Unique Career Advisor 10,000 Rs as liability charges, the Copyright Act, 1957, criminal action against copyright infringement can also be taken. The person found guilty of copyright infringement would be liable for punishment of imprisonment for not less than 6 months and up to 3 years, or a fine of at least Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs. Full Article

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